Type conversion made easy

In strongly typed languages, like Java, conversion between multiple types can be really painful. How many times did you forget how to convert Date to Calendar? How about conversion between collections? The operation is often performed in multiple lines of code and in no time you find yourself focusing on the type juggling instead of problem solving.

That’s why we came up with TypeConverter. It’s a utility class that makes type conversion very easy. It’s very fast and extendable.

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Sweetener - Strings

There is no person who would not know the String class. To facilitate the work of this class, has been created ‘Strings’. We have created such methods as : join, numberOfOccurrences, removeAllOccurrences, indexesOf, groups, random, pad, capitalize, capitalizeAllWords, isWhitespace, containsOnly, isEmpty, singleLine, removeNewLines, reverse, repeat, isAlpha, isAlphaWithWhitespace, isNumeric, isAlphanumeric, isAlphanumericWithWhitespace

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Sweetener - Reflections

The main problem of working with reflection is that, you can only refer to the properties of the given class. If the property you are looking for is declared in the base class, you have a problem, and you are forced to move iteratively throughout the class hierarchy. This problem does not exists in any method of Reflections class.

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Sweetener - Objects

Class Objects, being the first class of sweetener project, provides set of methods to facilitate work with Object known from core of Java language. Among the most popular methods are: deep copy, comparison two object (possible also null object) and null-safe methods.

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Sweetener - Collections - New methods

Today, I would like to introduce you new methods of pl.jsolve.sweetener.collection.Collections class. Classes included in the package ‘collection’ provides a set of methods to facilitate the work of well-known classes from the core Java: List, Set, Map, array as well.

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Łukasz Stypka

Java experienced enthusiast, opened for new technologies. Clean code and simple solution fan.

Tomasz Kuryłek

Self-styled and passionate java hipster. Focused on solution that makes user and himself ecstatic..